What’s Next Washington’s Host, Sue Mason, interviews General Parker.

General Parker is a well-known community, political and civil rights activist in Peoria, Illinois. he served two years in the Illinois Department of Corrections and in several county jails for an auto theft in the early 1980’s. Today, general works tirelessly to give back to his community and fight the injustices that left him and his counterparts with feelings of desperation and loss of hope. He is President of the Central Illinois Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and has spoken around the country on issues of organizing labor and incarcerated workers, fathers’ and noncustodial parents’ issues, domestic violence, housing and education reform. he is an Executive member of the organization on Procedural Justice (OPJ), a group founded by Dr. Merelyn Bates-Mims of Cincinnati, OH. OPJ’s goal is to remove the “Exceptions Clause” from the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution which allows “slavery or involuntary servitude” for those convicted of a crime.

General is a 2018 Just Leadership (JLUSA) USA Fellow.


OPJ – Organization on Procedural Justice

Central Illinois Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

2018 JLUSA Leading With Conviction Fellow