Suzanne Cook Podcast photo

What’s Next Washington’s Host, Sue Mason, interviews Suzanne Cook. In this episode, we talk about what it’s like to have an incarcerated husband. Suzanne shares their love story and brings the realness about the struggles trying to love and care for someone who is incarcerated for the rest of their lives. When people do time, their families do time, and yet, they still love. Despite all of the barriers against such a subversive act.

Suzanne Cook is a fierce warrior and advocate for the rights, human dignity, and fair treatment of all prisoners. Married to a prisoner incarcerated in Washington State affords her a front row seat to a system of punishment and human deprivation that drives her to advocate for him and for all inmates.

Suzanne is a small business bookkeeper and interior painter. She sings alto in a choir, loves her free-spirited cat named Boots, surrounds herself with talented loving friends, and drives a car with no air-bags or a key fob.

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