Willl and Sue Episode 3

What’s Next Washington’s Host, Sue Mason, interviews Will Jimerson. Will is a pillar of the Seattle community. In this episode, we talk about his work, his youth, and chop it up about racism, policing in America and the criminal “justice” system.

Will lives in Seattle and is a married father of three children. He has two Associates degrees and is earning his bachelor’s at the University of Washington. His goal is to obtain his Ph.D. He works as a Program Director at the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle’s Career Bridge Program. Will is also a part of an initiative called Credible Messenger “the group itself is a pro-social peer support network where youth remind and encourage one another to maintain their commitment to positive behavior”. Through the Credible Messenger Initiative, he trains facilitators to step in and support youth by being a change agent in their lives. Will knows well the path to a beautiful life defined by fatherhood, community, and grace having navigated that road himself with the support of the amazing men he met in prison.

If you would like to contact Will or know more about his work, please follow the links below.

A new episode will be uploaded next week, where we will interview Christopher Poulos. Chris is the formerly incarcerated Executive Director of the Washington State Governor’s Statewide Reentry Council. He is also an attorney and a former White House intern in the Obama Administration. Join us next week for -What’s Next!

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