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What’s Next Washington’s Host, Sue Mason, interviews Angeline Thomas. Angeline began her legal career as non-partisan Session Counsel for Washington State’s Senate Committee Services where she served on the Natural Resources and Energy Committee.

Eager to put public policy into action, Angeline joined the Access to Justice Institute at her alma mater, Seattle University School of Law, where she developed and managed the Foreclosure Mediation and Outreach Project—a pro bono program for law students focused on foreclosure prevention education, outreach, and legal assistance.

She became a regional expert on Washington State’s newly implemented Foreclosure Mediation Program, where she trained more than 100 law students, started an advice and referral legal clinic in Tacoma, founded the Pierce County Foreclosure Prevention Roundtable, consulted with city government and state agencies on outreach efforts, oversaw the production of a widely praised YouTube video about the law, and implemented two robust door-to-door canvassing campaigns to reach homeowners.

Angeline graduated from Seattle University School of Law in 2011. She is currently a member of the Pro Bono and Public Service Committee of the Washington State Bar Association and has served as a volunteer with the Housing Justice Project.

Angeline Thomas joined Washington Appleseed as the Executive Director in May of 2016.

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