What’s Next Washington

We are formerly incarcerated individuals and allies working together to improve our ability to reintegrate into society

You Make a difference!  Help Us Shift the System


Employ formerly-incarcerated talent.

Make sure your employment policies are inclusive.  Work with us to develop new hiring approaches.  Contact us about your processes and implementing best practices.


Rent to the formerly incarcerated.

Make sure your rental policies are inclusive, and based upon current refereces and credit-worthiness. Work with us to implement best practices.

Criminal Justice

Engage with us.

Legislators, police, prosecutors, judges, prisons, guards, and probation officers - help us design laws, sentences, and programs that shift the system and generate successful re-entry.


Help us gain access to places where we've been historically denied.

Provide us with introductions to decision-makers and assist us with community connections.  Help us write grants and provide leadership training for our staff.

Current Activities

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Employer Convening

Employers want safe and productive work environments.  So do we.

Employment has a significant impact upon recidivism, and so we host convenings with employers.  We explore with them the risks - and rewards - of hiring formerly incarcerated talent.  As with all stakeholders, we work to build relationships with human resource directors and in-house counsel so that we can generate productive conversations and effective post-meeting action plans.