What’s Next Washington

We are formerly incarcerated individuals and allies working together to improve our ability to reintegrate into society

Employer Convenings

Lack of stable employment affects those with conviction histories from being able to move on with their lives.
WNW works to break this cycle of unemployment by collaborating directly with employers to explore and reduce restrictions on hiring Formerly-Incarcerated Talent (FIT).
Changing hiring processes will take time and effort on all sides. The work starts through our employer convenings.*
Convening goals include:
· Create a safe “space” for participants to review and explore their concerns
· Examine data regarding the actual risks of hiring FITs
· Discuss hiring policies and the potential for changing them
· Consider specific strategies for implementing new hiring practices

The Stigma We Carry

Can we imagine ourselves surviving incarceration? When we see the homeless and addicted on the streets, can we imagine being them? Do we believe those diagnosed with a mental illness diagnosis, or who are homeless and/or addicted will ever live and thrive surrounded by family and community? Do we realize that they already do?
Our lack of identification with people often serves to keep them on the margins and locked out of opportunities – opportunities we take for granted.
Our original presentation titled Stories of Resilience has been renamed The Stigma We Carry. Check out our Events page to find out where you can join in this conversation. We would love to bring this panel discussion to your conference, your event, your school or to a public venue near you. Contact us here.
Despite all odds, millions of people have rebuilt their lives and moved on. It’s time for all of us to come out of hiding. No one should be punished or marginalized forever. Let’s dispense with the shame and stigma, and find solutions that open doors and create pathways to better lives for everyone.