What’s Next Washington

We are formerly incarcerated individuals and allies working together to improve our ability to reintegrate into society

We believe that every person has an inherent right to dignity and the right to enjoy the benefits of full participation in society.


A society that welcomes and enables formerly incarcerated individuals to be full members without shame or discrimination.

Respects and promotes full human rights for the formerly incarcerated.       




We work to change systemic barriers to re-entry and ensure full participation in society.  Our goal is to end the marginalization of the formerly incarcerated.

Our first priority is to improve the ability of formerly incarcerated adults to reintegrate into society.




Collaboration: Partner with employers and others to expand opportunities for individuals with conviction histories.

Communications and Media: Address and reduce the bias and demeaning treatment we face.

Leadership: Develop skills among the formerly incarcerated so they can lead systems change.

      OUR TEAM      
Co-Founder and Executive Director

Executive Director and Co-Founder

Susan Mason

Susan advocates for systemic policy change and the end to marginalizing people with conviction histories and  is a local and nationally recognized leader. She is a Just Leadership USA 2018 Leading with Conviction Fellow and a 2019 National Council of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls Reimagining Communities Fellow. Susan co-founded What's Next Washington, serving as their executive director, and is an ex officio board member. Susan was incarcerated in federal prison from 2002 -2003.

Board Member

Jason Clark

Jason Clark is, first and foremost, a father, partner, mentor, and leader. He is an Equity and Justice Advocate for King County Superior Court, a 2019 JLUSA Leading with Conviction Fellow, and is recognized for implementing community-based alternatives to incarceration. Jason leads King County Credible Messenger Initiative (KCCMI) and provides training and resources to King County Superior Court staff and Judicial Officers. He is formerly incarcerated.


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Mari Ferrer headshot

Board Member

Mari Ferrer

Mari joined the board in April 2018 and currently serves as the board treasurer. She has over 25 years of finance, consulting and enterprise program leadership for JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank and The Royal Bank of Scotland.  She has also led efforts to support First Tee in Connecticut, The Center for Domestic Violence and Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Mari’s family immigrated from the Philippines to avoid gang violence and political unrest.

Board Member

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson is a founding Board Member of WNW and is dedicated to giving those who come after him a hand up by making sure they receive a second chance. In 2019 Paul will be leading WNW's efforts to match employers with FIT - Formerly Incarcerated Talent. He is a father, a leader, a visionary, and is a tireless advocate with extensive community connections. His focus is on those most impacted by incarceration, first. Paul served eight years in Washington state prisons.

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Board Member

Will Jimerson Jr.

Willard Jimerson Jr. is a prominent youth advocate, crime interventionist, and a race relation strategist working throughout Seattle and South King County. As a Program Manager at the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, he oversees the national model of Credible Messengers called GROOM which stands for Gifted Regardless Of  Oppressive Methods. Will joined the board in January 2019. He was tried as an adult at 13 and served 20 years in prison.

Board Member

Nancy Kasmar

Nancy is an accomplished Human Resource professional with extensive experience.  She is a former past president of the Lake Washington Human Resource Assn (LWHRA) and a past Certifications Director of Washington State SHRM. As a business owner and compensation specialist, Nancy has an unshakeable belief that people are great just as they are and already have all the motivation they need to do their best if we let them. Nancy joined the board in January 2019.


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Board Member

Zak Kinneman

Zak Kinneman is a founding board member of WNW. Zak is a business owner, an entrepreneur, and a former attorney. He is open about his incarceration and works hard to bring his voice and experience into advocating for the end of mass incarceration. Zak served four years in Washington state prisons and was released in 2007.

Board Member

Garnet Smith

Garnet joined the board in March of 2018. He brings an international, military service, and business perspective to the board. He was born and raised in Jamaica, immigrated to the United States, and now lives in Spokane, Washington. He served in the Army from 1999 – 2002, and has an Associate’s degree in business.  Garnet was released from prison in 2014.

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Roz Solomon

Co-founder and Board Member

Roz Solomon

Roz is a founding board member and current board president. She practiced law and was an administrative law judge hearing employment cases, as well as teaching law as an adjunct at Seattle University for 20 years. She co-founded the Washington Business Alliance with Howard Behar and David Guiliani in 2010 and served as their executive director for three years. Roz is committed to the idea that all people deserve the dignity of inclusion and full human rights.

Erin Jones pic
Erin Jones
Principal, Erin Jones, LLC
Vicki Orrico pic
Vicki Orrico
Attorney, Johns Monroe Mitsunaga; Principal Orrico Consulting, PS
Cary Retlin pic
Cary Retlin
Behavioral Health Housing Administrator WA State Dept. of Commerce
Melody Simle pic
Melody Simle
Owner, NW Roofing Associates
Pamela Stearns pic
Pamela Stearns
Admin. Staff Assistant King Co. Human Resources Dept.
Faith Trimble pic
Faith Trimble
Founder and CEO, The Athena Group, LLC