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We are formerly incarcerated individuals and allies working together to improve our ability to reintegrate into society

$40 and a Bus Ticket Doesn't Cut It

When released from prison, each person is given $40, a bus ticket, and a directive: Get a job and find a place to live within 30 days or risk returning to prison.

It doesn't work.  Nearly 40% return to prison within three weeks to three years after release.

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I've Paid My Debt. Now, I Need a Job and a Place to Live.

The two most significant drivers of recidivism are the inability to secure employment and the inability to secure housing.  It's desperation, not criminality.


Together, We Can Solve This.

We can reduce recidivism using a multi-stakeholder approach that increases job and housing opportunities for the formerly incarcerated, and addresses employers’ and housing providers’ needs and concerns.

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